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Cultivating Knowledge Together

The Book Farm Project is designed to cultivate a love for reading and make books accessible to all.

Through Book Farm, our volunteers gather books and contribute their part in encouraging reading. Our larger goal is to build a growing collection of books that anyone can access at our Micro-Learning Hubs spread across all 14 districts in the state. We bring people together to reduce the knowledge gap between rural and urban divide.

Your support can make a world of difference!

Time limit of the project - Sep 1 to Sep 30, 2023 Time limit of the project - Sep 15, 2023 - Oct 15, 2023

Nurturing the Culture of Reading

Book Collection Drives

Registered volunteers are encouraged to actively participate in book collection drives. These drives can be organized by volunteers, community groups, schools, or organizations, either individually or collaboratively. The focus is on collecting new or gently used books in multitude of genres.


Book Sorting and Distribution

Collected books undergo meticulous sorting, categorization, and cataloging to ensure easy accessibility. The initiative takes responsibility for distributing these books to our Micro-Learning Hubs. 

Digital Outreach

To maximize its reach and impact, the Book Farm Initiative harnesses the potential of digital platforms. Social media, websites, and online campaigns serve as essential tools for connecting with like-minded individuals and expanding the volunteer base and collection of books.


Activity Points Ladder

Volunteers will be awarded points based on their total volunteering hours and the number of chapters they have read.

Points for each volunteering hour 5 Points
Points for each book 2 Points
  • Total activity points a volunteer can earn: 50 Points

Be the Lead Volunteer

Volunteer leaders get extra points to promote passionate leadership amongst our volunteers. 


Ignite Leadership with Rewarding Points

Unleash your leadership potential by orchestrating volunteer efforts! Every milestone you achieve in mobilising volunteers comes with an exciting points boost. 


As you make an impact, watch your point tally rise – with up to 100 points awaiting those who lead 50 or more volunteers to success. 🚀👥💥

Organized Volunteers Points Rewarded
5 Volunteers 10 Points
10 Volunteers 20 Points
20 Volunteers 40 Points
50 Volunteers 100 Points

Total Leadership points a volunteer can earn: 100 Points

Bonus Point

A volunteer leader receives bonus points based on their demonstrated potential in organising volunteers, project execution, and project impact.

The maximum bonus points a volunteer can earn is 50 Points