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Claire C John

Meet Claire, Breaking away from the ordinary and mundane, she has always been an out-of-the-box thinker, choosing the path less traveled and forging her own way in the development sector. Her journey was never about conforming to the norms. She had a relentless desire to explore the unexplored and achieve the unachieved. Instead of settling for the predictable 9-to-5 job, she sought meaning and fulfillment in pursuing her passions.

 Rejecting the monotony of routine, she embraced the irregular and the unconventional, daring to dream big and envision a future beyond the confines of ordinary expectations. 

Determined, she worked her way up from Sumedha, an educational project in Kaipamangalam Constituency to KITES by joining forces with Ajmal in 2019 to kick start the journey of the organisation. She was honoured by the ‘Women in Leadership Award 2020’ by the Greater Malabar Initiative. Her next was ‘Young Visionary Leader of the Year Award’ in 2021, bestowed upon her by the Centre for Education Growth and Research (CEGR). In June 2022 she received the ‘Global Youth in Leadership Award’ which celebrated her outstanding dedication to supporting and inspiring young people to make a difference in the world. Her relentless pursuit of social impact, combined with her remarkable achievements, serves as an inspiration to all.

Ajmal Chakkarapadam

Meet Ajmal Chakkarapadam, the ultimate travel enthusiast who believes that textbooks can never teach you as much as exploring the world. Instead of burying his head in textbooks, he decided to dive headfirst into the world of travel to learn about life. Unlike many traditional paths, Ajmal chose to break free from the conventional college route, by opting for distance education to utilize the time in his own unique ways. 

Recognizing that true knowledge and exposure lie beyond the confines of a classroom, he embarked on a journey to seek experiential learning opportunities and practical insights outside the academic corridors. 


Today, Ajmal continues to inspire and lead as the driving force behind KITES. All his hard work and dedication to creating social change didn’t go unnoticed. In 2021, the Centre for Education Growth and Research (CEGR) honored Ajmal with the prestigious Young Change Maker of the Year award.The following year, he received the SAARC Youth Leader Award, recognizing his outstanding contributions to youth and empowerment. He’s proving that textbooks may have their place, but real-life experiences and a burning desire to make a difference can take you further than you ever imagined. His serves as a testament to the transformative power of passion and the willingness to think beyond the norm.