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Art-lead Clean Up Drives!

Clean, Create, Transform!

The "REVIVE" project focuses on area-specific cleaning drives, beautifying the place and gathering scraps into impressive artistic installations.

We aim to encourage Environmental Conservation, innovative waste management and artistic expression. REVIVE seeks to change mindsets and habits, empowering individuals to be conscious of the waste generation and finding ways to revamp them.

Time limit of the project - Sep 1 to Sep 30, 2023 Time limit of the project - Sep 15 to Oct 15, 2023

How to Get Involved:

Interested volunteers can easily participate in the project by registering on our platform. Once registered,

  • Discover a spot to start with. Begin by sprucing up your home surroundings or nearby areas. 
  • Gather scraps, segregate, keep the selected items and entrust the rest to Haritha Karma Sena. 
  • Remodeling of the collected scraps into artistic installations/craft pieces
  • After cleaning the area, volunteers can utilize the space for gardening purposes. 
  • Showcase the difference: Share photos and videos that effectively showcase the noticeable differences between the project’s initial stage and final outcome. 
  • Feel free to share your progress on social media and don’t forget to tag Kites Foundation! 

A volunteer can create a larger impact by organizing a group of volunteers or institutions.

In such cases, 

  • Volunteers can opt for a public space near their locality 
  •  Clean the chosen area
  • Collect scraps and reform them into artistic installations to be displayed in public.
  • Showcase the difference as mentioned above.
  • Volunteers can be part of one or more initiatives.


The locations that volunteers can choose:-
1. Seashore
2. Parks
3. Bus stations and bus stands
4. Walkways
5. Government Offices
6. Government schools


We encourage the creative and artistic expressions of the volunteers involved. (ex:- waste bins, seating arrangements, gardening pots)

Activity Points Ladder

The activity points will be given to the volunteers depending upon the number of initiatives a volunteer took part in and the total volunteering hours.

Points for each volunteering hour 5 Points
Points for one initiative 20 Points

Total activity points a volunteer can earn: 50

Be the Lead Volunteer

Volunteer leaders get extra points to promote passionate leadership amongst our volunteers. 


Ignite Leadership with Rewarding Points

Unleash your leadership potential by orchestrating volunteer efforts! Every milestone you achieve in mobilising volunteers comes with an exciting points boost. 


As you make an impact, watch your point tally rise – with up to 100 points awaiting those who lead 50 or more volunteers to success. 🚀👥💥

Organized Volunteers Points Rewarded
5 Volunteers 10 Points
10 Volunteers 20 Points
20 Volunteers 40 Points
50 Volunteers 100 Points

Total Leadership points a volunteer can earn: 100 Points


Bonus Point

The volunteer leader receives bonus points based on their demonstrated potential in organising volunteers, project execution, and project impact.

The maximum bonus points a volunteer can earn is 50 Points