About Us

Summer can be hot, very hot and sometimes too hot that it makes it thirsty often. It is also the time we relax ourselves by the pool or a lake or at the beach. Summerpots project gives our featured friends the same chance for a cool dip or water to quench their thirst. The idea may seem old and continual but the necessity of these pots are never less but rather more every new summer.

Our Vision

Kites Foundation is a team of young social change makers who aim at transforming this country, piece by piece and soul by soul through youth led development and collective effort. Here, we are to bring a sense of care and humane responsibility in young people towards these helpless creatures to protect them in such a torrid climate of summer.

Our Mission

From leaving a bowl of water on the window sills to meticulously creating a bird-zone in their compounds, volunteers are taking small thoughtful measures to help out the avian friends this summer which is becoming harsher and unbearable every summer. This campaign spared a thought of kindness and empathy for animals and birds during the scorching heat.

Our Plan

This is an easy and workable campaign which help birds in fighting the vagaries of this extreme weather condition.Everyone can try this without any assistance or financial aid. Just placing or hanging a bowl of water in a suitable place where birds can come and dip in, would make you part of this campaign. And then its a mindful experience to see how a simple 5 minute gesture is saving lives.


Feed the voiceless. A social media campaign to quench the thirst of our feathered friends.

Fill it up

Keep a bowl of water for the birds and take a picture of it.

Upload and mention

Upload the picture in the social medias with the hashtag #feedthevoiceless tagging Kites foundation along.


Challenge ten others and urge them to take up the challenge. Hence spread the good word to many.