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Empowered Youth Empowered Communities!

SWADES is a platform by KITES Foundation that empowers youth to solve complex challenges with a significant on their local communities. A visionary project with an aim to bring about positive change and development in communities by harnessing the leadership of young individuals. The project is driven by the belief that the youth hold the key to creating sustainable and impactful transformations within their own communities.

Through a comprehensive 7P Strategy —Perceive, Pioneer, Progress, Propose, Partner, Pursue, and Perpetuate—SWADES strives to efficiently involve diverse stakeholders in tackling community issues with the leadership of young individuals.

The 7P Approach towards Development


Identify key problems through the understanding of the community's needs and priorities.


Encourage young people to take a leading role in addressing the identified problems.


Equip the youth with necessary skills and knowledge by inculcating an innovation mindset among them.


Encourages youth participants to propose innovative solutions


Ensure long-term sustainability and impact, by actively seeking partnerships.


Executing the proposed project plan by closely monitoring progress.


Successful projects and initiatives can be scaled and replicated in other communities to amplify their impact.

Our pilot projects

Munnar Vibgyor Tourism

This project aims to enhance tourist penetration and revitalize the local economy in Munnar, Kerala. Through student volunteers with diverse backgrounds, including tech and non-tech expertise, SWADES developed a circuit tourism model called VIBGYOR Tourism. The project utilizes a progressive web app called ‘Hello Munnar’ to provide information and facilitate easy navigation across tourist locations. The second phase focuses on citizen reporting and the addition of more amenities, leveraging technology for socio-economic development.

Perunthode-Valiyathodu Eco-Restoration Project

Led by KITES and Mathilakam Block Panchayat, this project aims to revive the deteriorating Perunthode River and its tributaries in Thrissur district, Kerala. The project follows an approach involving scientific analysis and the implementation of a comprehensive five-year action plan. Restoration efforts include removing silt and debris, promoting sustainable agricultural practices, integrating disaster-resilient structures, and engaging the local community, particularly the youth.


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