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our Vision

Organisational Goal

  • Build a unique functional model of the organization that can create scalable social impact in national and international levels.

Community Goal

  • To channelise the power of productive youth engagement on various fronts to facilitate a ‘Youth-Led development' through community-driven solutions.

our Mission

  • To incubate and celebrate transformative individual ideas through collective effort to build leaders of tomorrow, capable of responding to the new challenges.
  • To identify and resolve community-based problems with desirable solutions by joining hands with various stakeholders including industry, academia, civil society and the Government.
  • To engage in quality knowledge generation through research to facilitate informed actions.
  • To explore the potential of youth networking within and outside the nation.

Wings of Kites

to fly boundless, to gift wings to the needy, to brighten the sky with the lights of change, to be the luminary for generations to come.

Swasth raho! Masth raho!

‘Ayush’ signifies life and emphasise on the idea of both physical and mental wellness. It aims at addressing the pitfalls within the health sector and works towards addressing the rural urban-divide. As mental wellness is considered equally important for a healthy and happy living, Ayush seeks to nurture a healthy generation capable of destigmatising mental health issues.

Initiatives to raise awareness against stigmas related to health, campaigns to facilitate better disposal of healthcare, projects to bring in health facilities to economically weaker and less reachable sections of the society, programmes to enable people to improve their own health and well-being are some of the means to achieve the end of creating a healthy population through Ayush.

Think green, Live green, Save Green.

In the recent past, our planet has witnessed a parade of disasters which is a warning that we are the last generation who can do something about it.Kites foundation is committed to the conservation of our planet and envisages a sustainable development model.

‘Bhumi’ translates to Earth and has an objective to establish a positive relationship between human beings and nature .This is to be achieved through a series of awareness campaigns and projects to improve our flora and fauna. Kites highlight ideas like co-inhabitation of living beings and emphasises on the building up of a disaster resilient model etc. Disasters have made life miserable for many communities in our country hence, we at Kites identifies, achieving Self Sufficieny in food sector as necessary adaptation for survival.

Turning the mirrors to windows

Dynamic youth is key to the foundation of a strong nation and it can be realized through education.Kites foundation seeks to strengthen our educational system through ‘Vidya’ which aims to provide a space for our children to avail hassle free education.

Opening new schools even in the remotest areas, providing necessary infrastructure facilities to schools which lack them, promoting innovation and skill development, bridging the digital divide existing between the children of rural and urban India, providing meritorious scholarships to children from economically weak backgrounds etc. are the various plans under Vidya. Fashioning a generation of citizens who are educated and illuminated is our objective and Vidya is the path towards this noble end.

Celebrating India! Celebrating Diversity!

While science and philosophy explores the reason behind life, Art and culture is something that makes life worth living. India is home to myriad forms of cultural heritages which are the key to our national integration.

Kites foundation realises this and strives to revive, promote and preserve them in their truest form. Rang will be a celebration of our culture, arts and artists from over a hundred different indigenous art forms within the scope of literature, performing arts and visual arts. Rang will provide a platform for over a lakh of artists to exhibit and explore the avenues of Indian art and culture. It will be a spectacular manifestation of the idea of unity in diversity. We are also dedicated to conduct events that involve youth participation in this regard.

our Initiatives

our Campaigns

Campaigns of Kites serve to reinforce our ideas and aspirations for the community. Here are some of our live campaigns with the participation of masses through volunteerism.


Out of the BOX

A creativity enhancement programme to bring happiness and perspective building in children through film making workshops and similar engaging tools. The campaign helps in exploring the limitless potential within each child and brings out the best versions of themselves in their own areas of interest.Towards the end of this outcome oriented campaign, the final product of the creativity workshop will be presented by children which will be a manifestation of their team spirit and togetherness.



To protect ourselves and others from COVID-19, face coverings serve as an essential commodity. SMILE is a nation-wide campaign running successfully to procure and distribute masks. Our team has pledged to distribute 1 million reusable cloth masks and disposable masks for the needy across India. Along the way, we plan to provide employment to many in need of it too. The programme also aims at helping less privileged communities that have no access to sanitary face masks in this crisis times.


Path Finder

A comprehensive, developmental program designed to assist individuals in making and implementing informed educational and occupational choices. A career guidance and counseling program develops an individual's competencies in self-knowledge, educational and occupational exploration, and career planning. Path Finder will provide students with exceptional support of our career counsellors and will help in a step-by-step plan for their career progression.

meet our TEAM

"The test we must set for ourselves is not to march alone but to march in such a way that others wish to join us."

Claire C John

Founder Managing Director

Ajmal Chakkarapadam

Founder Chief Executive Officer

Cyril Syriac

Co-Founder Chief Administrative Officer

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