NEWS Launched Volunteergram : Ignite Your Passion for Change!"



We are so excited to introduce VolunteerGram by KITES Foundation! Immerse yourself in carefully curated volunteering initiatives for social change. With projects spanning diverse realms, we're on a mission to connect youngsters with right opportunities to make a meaningful impact in society. Come and Join Us in shaping a more promising future!

Diverse Projects

VolunteerGram offers a flexible platform where you can engage in ongoing projects across diverse sectors that align with your interests. More importantly, you will have the opportunity to launch new projects of your own, enabling you to take the lead in driving positive change.

Creating Leaders!

Form a team of volunteers and become a volunteer leader, guiding the team to success through coordination and mentorship. This journey will not only allow you to recognize and harness your potential to drive change, but also foster leadership and personal growth.

Pledge to Problem Solve

Contribute to our projects by making a commitment to dedicate a minimum of 5 hours per month to your chosen causes. It is important to meet this commitment in order to maintain your status as a valued community member in KITES.

Celebrating Volunteer Contributions

To recognize volunteer’s exceptional commitment, we have implemented a gamified system. Each project is assigned points based on its significance and complexity. This system allows us to acknowledge and celebrate by the awarding of certificates and badges for the efforts.

our projects


Focuses on cleaning drives at specific locations and transforming gathered scraps into impressive artistic installations.


Aims to create a collection of audiobooks to support visually impaired students in accessing educational resources.


Organizing a book collection drive, where we encourage generous contributions of books that will be donated to these libraries.