About Us

“Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.”
W.B. Yeats.
We are instrumental in lighting those fires. These are the learning materials calculated for a child;
Notebooks, Pencil, lunch box, Steel water bottle, Sanitizer, Instrument box, Crayons (for primary students). We have included bags and lunch boxes in this pandemic time, as students may require them if classes will be beginning offline. You may also contribute to the initiative by donating old electronic gadgets such as laptops, tablets, or cell phones.

Our Vision

Kites Foundation is a team of young social change makers who aim at transforming this country, piece by piece and soul by soul through youth led development and collective effort. Here, we are to bring a sense of care and humane responsibility in young people towards these helpless creatures to protect them in such a torrid climate of summer.

Our Mission

From leaving a bowl of water on the window sills to meticulously creating a bird-zone in their compounds, volunteers are taking small thoughtful measures to help out the avian friends this summer which is becoming harsher and unbearable every summer. This campaign spared a thought of kindness and empathy for animals and birds during the scorching heat.

Our Plan

This is an easy and workable campaign which help birds in fighting the vagaries of this extreme weather condition.Everyone can try this without any assistance or financial aid. Just placing or hanging a bowl of water in a suitable place where birds can come and dip in, would make you part of this campaign. And then its a mindful experience to see how a simple 5 minute gesture is saving lives.


Step I

Children in need of assistance are marked through our state and district coordinators of kites foundation.

Step II

A 10th class student can buy Rs. 1500 / - and a third class student Rs. 800 and so it’s around Rs. 1200

Step III

The aim is to raise Rs. 1200 per 1000 children and allocate it to more children after the first thousand have received it. In 2020 we were able to distribute more than 120 students like this.

How do the fundraising of the project happen?

Campaign Duration is May 5 - June 5. Although the corona expansion may cause a delay in the opening of schools, online classes will be beginning by the first week of June. As a result, it is essential to identify deserving students and distribute learning materials. Our current aim is to run a campaign from May, collect 1,000 students' learning materials, and distribute them to students by June.

The bank account details of the Kites Foundation are attached herewith. People can contribute to Umeed by transferring funds to this account. After sending the cash, you may send the screenshot to +918138000934 and collect the receipt.

Kites Foundation

Account Number: 15170200014722
Federal Bank
Moonnupeedika Branch
IFSC: FDRL0001517
Upi: [email protected]