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Malappuram: Kerala's largest virtual youth festival, 'Rang', has come to an end. The fifteen-day event led by the Kites Foundation featured over a thousand contestants in over one hundred and fifty events under three categories.

The award presentation and congratulatory ceremony were held at Malappuram Edericode Service Cooperative Bank. Kerala State Agriculture Minister VS Sunilkumar inaugurated the event online. TPM Basheer (Malappuram District Panchayat Member), Veerankutty Master (Famous Poet), and Niyog Krishna (Traveler) honoured the event with their presence. Sreelakshmi S Sunil, who bagged first place in all five events, was selected as the individual champion.

The Kites Foundation is known for the valuable services they provide to the state in the areas of infrastructure development, arts and culture, nature conservation, health, education, agriculture and tourism over the past 2 years.