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Vision & Mission

"Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much." -Helen Keller

Realising the potential of teaming up, two aspiring youngsters, committed themselves to create a facilitating platform for youngsters across the country to come, network, ideate and accomplish their dreams.They set forth an exciting journey of KITES as one of the fastest growing youth organisations in the country. From two to seven and from seven to fourteen, they expanded their footprint with great agility. For them, Sky was never the limit and reaffirmed,

To the Sky and Beyond!

our Approach

Organisational Goal

  • Build a unique functional model of the organization that can create scalable social impact in national and international levels.

Community Goal

  • To channelise the power of productive youth engagement on various fronts to facilitate a ‘Youth-Led development' through community-driven solutions.

our Mission

  • To incubate and celebrate transformative individual ideas through collective effort to build leaders of tomorrow, capable of responding to the new challenges.
  • To identify and resolve community-based problems with desirable solutions by joining hands with various stakeholders including industry, academia, civil society and the Government.
  • To engage in quality knowledge generation through research, facilitating informed actions.
  • To explore the potential of youth networking within and outside the nation.